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  The judge "with a cargo of" judicial auction: a court of one hour turnover of billions of dollars From line to line, to the webcast judge "with a cargo of" judicial auction 2020 December 21 morning, the Qinhuai Court judges are judicial live auction.Beijing News reporter Li Guishe "girls, pay attention!"Then, Xia Jie pulls out in front of the camera coat collar tag at the hands of that piece.It was a price of around 600 yuan bright yellow imitation cashmere coat, Xia Jie in the studios starting price of only 1 yuan."We take a look, as well as tag Oh, our clothes are brand new!"Unlike the vast majority look gorgeous, fashionably dressed anchor, Xia Jie only the makeup, a judge wearing black uniforms, wearing a red tie, left chest also do a small emblem law.She is the director of Nanjing Qinhuai District Court Executive Board, a post judge studio, where she is the Qinhuai Court of Justice of the auction site.Since mid-2017, the courts of justice throughout the Internet began to try to auction.To date, the country has Taobao, Jingdong network, the peoples court proceedings assets network, public pat net 7 platform Judicial Network Services beat.But since December 2020, including more than a dozen court Qinhuai court after another, including the opening of a judicial auction webcast.Studio, the judges have turned shopping anchor, he replied with "friends babies questions, while the start of the car dealers, sellers, selling mink" with goods "business.However, "with a cargo of" live has never been the sole purpose of judicial auction.Once those judicial sale under the line of painful experience - high commission auction houses, have occurred around the standard bid-rigging, corruption risks within the Court, in an Internet auction, live auction gradually disappeared.2020 December 12, Ningbo Intermediate Peoples Court of Qingdao Seaview live auction at a price of 4.51 million yuan of turnover.Screenshots mink, villas, Daikin chain 2020 December 21, corner of Hall of Qinhuai court in execution, marked on a deep blue "background cloth" Red "auction", the word "live".This is a piece of electronic screen, always used to notify the court or the "old Lai" Information Display.To live auction, the conference room table before being moved to the electronic screen, less than two meters in front of the table where the stand tripod, camera, next to it is a professional studio lights.In addition to Xia Jie, there are two anchor of this broadcast: Live from the company hired a professional anchor oranges, Qinhuai court racquet head of fee-month Kam.Three clear division of labor, orange responsible for a lively atmosphere, to control the process, and Xia Jie Jin is responsible for about monthly fees auction background and relevant legal knowledge.And general cargo with different live, in order to become a judicial live auction buyers, bidders must pay in advance auction starting price of 5% -20% margin.The live, Qinhuai court to sell a total of 500 models is 4 ladies coat, each starting price of 1 yuan, margin 0.2 yuan.No specific spare some time to show, on the introduction of fees Kam month from the source of these clothes.They originated with the contract dispute - a Nanjing clothing company owes money to a processing enterprises, because the clothing company name has no property available for execution, so the enterprise application processed, Qinhuai court decision, the auction proceeds will these clothes It was used to pay debts."We are also beginning to be thought about these clothes is not packaged for sale, but in addition to clothing companies, very few people will buy hundreds of pieces of disposable same clothes, the court finally decided to put clothes into the live webcast in the form of a single piece of auction."Monthly fee Jin said that they want to try it and see the effect of market.Henan Xinxiang Hongqi Court Live Tengfang.Screen Capture for second-hand air conditioning, clothing movable property of such value is not high, during the execution of court without going through the professional assessment agencies valuation, the judges can empirically establish its own starting price.In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Nanjing Intermediate Peoples Court, according to the value of such auction is divided into a thousand dollars less, 1000-10000 yuan two tranches, each corresponding to the starting price of 1 yuan, 100 yuan."Thats why a price of 600 yuan coat, our starting price of only 1 yuan."Said Jin month fee.Xia Jie show clothes in front of the camera at the same time, the auction has begun.Within 75 minutes, dozens of buyers in this dress bid 29 times, the final price of 38 yuan deal.The remaining hundreds of coats, also more than one hour after the live shoot all.Compared with the bulk of the Qinhuai court auction of clothing, many courts in the auction on weekdays rare.For example, Changchun City, Jilin Province, South Gate District Court auctioned mink coat with local features; Intermediate Peoples Court of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province auctioned off thousands of trees also grow in the soil of forest ownership; Renhuai City, Guizhou Province Court auctioned gang leader Liu assets involved, in addition to gold rings, gold necklaces, and weighs about a pound of gold pendant chain, the chain will have only a small finger thickness, the following fall with a half a palm-sized pendant Guanyin, the starting price of 150,000 yuan.2020 December 6, Hongqi District Court in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, a live auction of a property, including presentation materials in an approximately one-minute video.Video started shooting from house entrance, you can see not only the court seal the house, but also to see the layout and decoration of each room situation, and even crystal chandeliers and a view out of the window has a special lens.On the same day, Xinxiang City Intermediate People live auction house also with more on the strength: Judge online Tengfang.It was a mortgaged property, the court in Xinxiang Secretary of the Executive Board Shen Zhiyong slowly tear the seal on the door, holding a number of staff members of law enforcement records filed into the room, while the original owner to stay in the house inventory items, while the they moved out.Renhuai City, Guizhou Province, part of the court auction of the assets involved in the underworld.Independent risk screenshots high commissions caused by 52-year-old monthly fee Kam worked for more than ten years in the court system, is responsible for work related to the judicial auction since 2017.Commercial different from ordinary auction, the auction is a judicial court in a civil enforcement proceedings, or commission the auction company handling public property of the debtor to repay creditors.Kam month in fees impression 2014 practice, judicial auction and more professional auction agencies commissioned by the court and pay the latter turnover 0.Ranging from 5% to 5% commission.At that time, under full judicial auction conducted online, bidders must first pay a deposit to the bank, to the auction scene placards bid, but the judges do not need to appear on the auction site."In the past, the court system, each province has a list of auction agencies, court auction houses randomly selected by Yao Hao."Monthly fee Jin said, the judicial auction the lots, there are many over-priced and collectibles worth hundreds of millions of millions of real property, an auction down, very impressive commission.Gold award at the Executive Director of Ningbo Intermediate Peoples Court in the first opinion, the auction company, judicial sale is a good opportunity to make money."So many auction companies, or do you give this to the house to do?Though this is the wave number selection, but the reality is difficult to determine.So there is interest, it will be the judge hunting Executive Board or other staff responsible for the auction, and then things happen that are not clean."Kim said first.According to the Peoples Publishing House, "the implementation of the national court battle hard work of panoramic Report": Before the implementation of law and discipline violations shot Judicial Network, the National Court investigation, nearly 70% concentrated in the areas of civil enforcement, which has about 70% occurred in assets In particular aspects of the disposal of the judicial auction.Former vice president of the Supreme Court of ponderosa, former president Wu Zhenhan Hunan Province High Court, former vice president of the High Court of Chongqing Zhang Tao, who have all been involved in illegal acts of judicial auction.Renhuai City, Guizhou Province, part of the court auction of the assets involved in the underworld.Screenshots of web pages in addition to the Independent Commission Against risk, offline judicial auction there may be problems such as lack of transparency in the program.Around 2012, gold was the first Secretary of the Executive Board of Ningbo Yinzhou District Court.Once, a group of Yinzhou court to sell the machine, I did not expect there to report the phone call from the bidders, said the thwarted when the designated bank counter payment of the auction deposit.Sometimes, an auction of more than ten people applied, but only two or three people live auction.This is the case, most likely bidders bidding for, colluding."In addition, traditional auction is saying there is a problem related to regional."Kim said first, online auction era, ordinary people want to know information related to the judicial auction, only to the court to understand.Court posted an auction announcement in advance at the door, "Up in the corner and then boarding a local newspaper in what".Kim first said that this will lead to the spread of judicial auction was fairly narrow, premium rate and the turnover rate is not high, "the equivalent of less people bidding, prices do not increase, often sell."Section Renhuai City, Guizhou Province court auction of the assets involved in the underworld.One court screenshots from offline to online gold inauguration of the first ever Yinzhou court is the first "net".Judicial auction for a variety of problems that may result circumvent the line, from 2012, the hospital began trying to beat the French Open Division.I remember the first gold, in July of that year, Yinzhou court with Ningbo Beilun District Court for the first time in cooperation with the external network platform, the auction were a BMW 7 Series sedan and a mini-bus.As the first person to eat crab, Judicial Network after that shot, accusing voice overwhelming: dozens of people standing on the auction company Zhejiang High Court to protest the door, let the court to revoke the auction; Chinese auction industry associations are also newspaper on issued a document, saying that "the practice of judicial auction network does not comply with relevant laws and regulations of the current auction".For public accusations, the court system has long been expected, since the French Open Division shot once opened, the first to be affected is the companys auction business."Then we did some counter-attack by the media, indicating that the court is legal to do so."Kim explained first, because although the Civil Procedure Law of the court may judicial auction, but not the main provisions of the auction, so the practice can either entrust the auction institution to do, you can do it yourself courts.Yinzhou court to try to shoot just a month after the French Open Division, Civil Procedure Law was amended relating to the judicial auction expression was changed to "peoples court auction shall be seized or detained property".In a law professor at China University of Political Tan Qiugui Institute of litigation seems, Civil Procedure Law amended the provisions of the peoples court "shall" be seized property auction, which means higher court itself forced auction of a degree.Since then, the Secretary of the French Open to shoot further and further along the road seem.2013, "Supreme Peoples Court on Several Issues Network Peoples Court judicial auction of the provisions of the" Start drafted and released in 2016.The press conference, the Secretary of the Executive Board of the Supreme Court Meng said that in the Internet + background as a national strategy to promote judicial reform auction court should follow the development trend of information technology, to encourage the disposal of property take precedence over the network auction.More than respondents in the eyes of the judges, Judicial Network shot advantages are obvious: no auction companies involved, it was no longer extract the high commission, the court also reduced the risk of corruption; and do not meet between bidders, reducing bid-rigging, probably around the subject.In addition, with the change of the auction channels, regional restrictions bidders are also breaking the Internet."For example, Ningbo Intermediate Peoples Court in Hengshui have a house up for auction if it is shot in Ningbo, basically unwanted.Ningbo people may not even do not know where Hengshui."Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Intermediate Peoples Court Executive Board Lu Yu said, but also entangled the court to find where the auction company - Ningbo auction companies do not understand the market conditions Hengshui, Hengshui auction company needs more docking workload," but Judicial Network after the shot away, these problems solved."Lu Yu remember about 2014, Ningbo Intermediate Peoples Court to auction more than 20 sets of real estate located in Yichang, Hubei Province, was originally looking for the next one line auction company in Ningbo.However, because of information asymmetry, not many know that the auction of people, no one sign, and finally did not sell a house.Second shot, Ningbo Intermediate Peoples Court to adjust its strategy in Yichang local newspapers and television stations put in a lot of advertising, the house also placed on the Internet.After shooting Judicial Network, more than 20 sets of real estate is not left looks set.The judge "with a cargo" where the first gold of the Ningbo Intermediate Peoples Court, in 2020 December 12 to start the live auction of justice.20 days before the broadcast, she began to worry about the selection of auction.That time, Ningbo City, the primary courts into the implementation phase, the subject matter of the auction required a total of more than 50, by the Ningbo Intermediate Peoples Court Auction.In addition to scattered around the property, vehicles, and some machinery and equipment, company shares, even land-use rights.Given that this is the Ningbo Intermediate Peoples Court judicial auction debut webcast, gold may first want to attract public attention, so the choice of auction, she should take into account the richness of species and geographical constraints, "are looking for various".The first to be picked, is the Qingdao CBD core area of a sea view room, about 120 square meters, the assessed value of about 5.67 million yuan.Previously, this house has had an online auction, but eventually unsold."Under normal circumstances, the first auction of the auction starting price, the lowest price of 70% to evaluate.After unsold, two shot starting price may be a minimum starting price beat 80%, i.e. 56% of monovalent evaluate."Kim said first, if not sold two beats, will enter the auction to sell links, lower prices.Qingdao Ocean View is a set of two beats, the starting price of less than 3.2 million, or about 56 to assess the price.4%.After some trade-offs, and ultimately, a Qingdao sea view rooms, a Shanghai residential housing, thousands of trees also grow in the soil of forest ownership, after a seven-figure is "1233333" phone number, a total of 8 samples were lots of gold studio of choice Ru Ningbo Intermediate Peoples Court."Double Twelve" live the day, gold has always been the makeup of the makeup first deliberately: he painted the foundation, please help the little girl wiped office blush, and finally coated with a little lipstick.Dress, she wore the same uniforms judge when photographed with summer Jie, this is the standard of justice when the live auction staff of the Court.According to Lu Yu introduced the reason for golds first anchor to do, because she worked for many years in the field of implementation, the process of the Judicial Network shoot very well, but also strong communication skills, be able to answer users questions.In addition, Kim also repeatedly taken part in the first press conference, received a television interview, know how to face the camera.Live before, Kims first live video specifically studied other courts, the judges found that some materials used to look down, do not communicate with netizens, "I feel very bad.".She always remind myself, do not appear the same mistake.In addition, she also dress rehearsal found himself slightly turned around and interact with other anchors, can only take a screen shot from the side, perception is not good.So when live, she turned around and try to avoid.True to live, and feel this is the first gold in an interview on television is not the same."Television can be a clip, put it well, you can cut.But live off the word is regret, speak out on the come back."Fortunately, that was very successful live.Only an hour, all lots will be sold all.Among them, Qingdao sea view room at a price of 4.51 million yuan of turnover.Including other auction has not been described in a separate account, Ningbo Intermediate Peoples Court in the live auction turnover of over one hundred million yuan.Kim also believes that the first effect is surprisingly good.After the broadcast, some of the long lost old classmates watched the news came specifically asked: "what court you can also auction ah?Auctions can do online?Also do not commission?"Even the first gold out to buy food, is also selling vegetables boss knew him - thats two days before the Internet sellers of judges!Live is not a panacea but for the court, the judicial auction of some chronic illness, still can not be solved by direct seeding.For example, online auctions era problems - lots warranty liability.In Tan Qiugui view, the presence of defects of the subject matter of the auction, the court need to take responsibility, first look at the auction before the court whether or not truthfully disclose known defects in the subject matter.If the auction before the court has been disclosed flaw, shot given people the right to request revocation of auction.If the court had failed to find the flaws or no publicity, people should take given the right to request revocation of auction."The court has the responsibility to identify the authenticity of the auction, the auction because the justice is a judicial act.But now the problem is that the courts do have the ability to identify."Tan Qiugui said identification is a very complex task, especially involving luxury goods, wine and other identification, the court can not determine the true and false that he might have.According to several media reports, December 2020, a court in Nanjing judicial sale of the buyer to 11.$$ 20,000 bought a package price, after identified by a number of agencies, this is a fake Hermes Platinum package.But the court in the auction announcement, the market assessment of the price of this package is 20 yuan, 11.The sale price is 20,000 yuan, the package was not mentioned brand.Tan Qiugui that from the auction announcement content, the court put it as a real Hermes."This information belongs to the public court is wrong, not a true reflection of the quality of the package.Therefore, the court should be held responsible."In this regard, the parties responded that the court will take the initiative to contact the buyer, combined with its objection to the application and the relevant evidence, the processing required to be reviewed.But Deputy Research Center Comparison of Civil Law Southwest University of Political Science Rengu Jia Jie think, under normal circumstances, the court as long as the auction announcement to make to the normal, rational, standardized, full duty, we do not assume the responsibility of security flaws, "such as the court may that we are following the auction of a box marked with the words of Maotai liquor, but I would not say that the auction is the real Maotai."Renhuai City, Guizhou Province court auction of the assets involved in the underworld.But in the live auction screenshots era, courts, judges from the backstage, bidders will have more trust in public authority produces natural.In this case, once the defects in the subsequent auction, then the damage is the judge, even the courts image and reputation."Adverse effects may be amplified."Gu said ECS.In addition, throughout China, the courts in the case of less than conflicts are not uncommon.In Tan Qiugui view, many executives Chamber judges are out of attachment, seizure of property, and they want to meet with the parties is immune, "So how can there be time to judge the live auction?"But the valley ECS believes that the judicial auction, any help to increase exposure, increase the premium rate method, are in the right direction.If you live to be the opportunity to attract public attention, which in itself is beneficial implementation.Although since the end of last year, a live auction of various courts have achieved good results, but if it should be normalized, routinized, it seems no one answer.Several court said in an interview with Beijing News reporter, busy work by the end of the court, did not consider being the next live.In the first gold it seems, live at the beginning, the main purpose of the courts is to promote judicial auction, and now this goal has been reached.If you live again, maybe dissemination of results will be greatly reduced."After that broadcast, someone asked me if I will not live again?I can only say, the right time, if there is an appropriate auction, it is also possible to do."Kim said first.The Beijing News reported trainee reporter Gui Nanjing Cao Yifan

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