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  Department of Transportation: from January 1 national 487 high-speed toll stations complete withdrawal provincial boundaries On the evening of 31 December 2020, the provincial boundary to cancel highway toll station project on schedule and network switches, deepen the reform of the toll road system was abolished provincial boundaries highway toll station group leader, Minister of Transport Li Xiaopeng command switch and announced, cancel provincial boundaries highway toll station project and the success of network switches.This means that, from 2020 onwards at 0:01 on January, the countrys 29 provinces network of 487 provincial boundaries abolition of all toll stations, successfully completed "within two years of basic provincial boundaries cancel highway toll" Government Work Report "submitted station tasks ", and strive to advance the goal.Ministry of Transport at the "provincial boundary to cancel highway toll station engineering and network switches ceremony" scene. Cheng Chunyu photo deepen the reform of the toll road system to cancel highway toll station provincial boundaries, the relationship between the people truly benefit the peoples livelihood projects, have huge economic and social benefits.After the provincial boundary to cancel highway toll stations, a national highway network will effectively improve the operating efficiency of the overall transportation system, relieve congestion, improve peoples travel experience, boost energy conservation, cost reduction and efficiency.Ministry of Transport said that since the State Council issued "to deepen the reform of the toll road system to cancel highway toll station provincial boundary plan" since, in less than nine months, the Ministry of Transport has developed more than 90 embodiment, held five industry-wide deployment scheduling meetings, 30 times of special investigations, supervision, discussion, improve the optimization of the fresh produce transport "green channel" and other supporting measures to reduce the toll policy, unified by adjusting the truck toll fee model, the implementation of Freeway weighing not stop detection.At present, completed the construction of 24588 sets of ETC gantry system, the transformation was complete 48 211 ETC lanes, 11401 sets of highway toll weighing detection system; promote the ETC issued 1.2.3 billion cumulative subscribers reached 2.0.4 billion; 1.20000 highway toll collectors have been properly resettled, reorientation to promote the issue ETC customer service, clearing settlement back-office services, highway service area service entrance load testing and other posts.Ministry of Transport said that 2020 will firmly defend the safety bottom line, to ensure that the road network stable and smooth; deepen the reform of the toll road system, to promote the "Highway Law" revision "Toll Road Management Regulations", to further improve the truck does not stop fast access, ETC whole Social promotion services, the green channel and other policy initiatives.At the same time, deepen cost efficiency, and promote toll roads control scale, adjust the structure, reduce costs, risk prevention, strong regulation, excellent service, strive to build a toll road network potential to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, the risks of long-term mechanism effective defense use of Compass, 5G, block chain and other modern information technology to accelerate the collaborative road vehicles, autopilot and other research applications, improve the service system, improve service quality, innovation and service support, service network expansion, growing to get a sense of peoples happiness sense of security.

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